50 Years of service

50 Years of service

Next year, 2022, Tracosa will be turning fifty

Hi ,

I’m Pepe Moreno, director of Tracosa, manager of the customs department and co-founder of Tracosa and I would like to tell you about our history.

Back in the year 1972, Mr Pedro Merenciano, Ms Francisca Sabaté and myself, together with a group of professionals from within the sector, founded the company “TRAMITES ADUANEROS Y COMERCIALES S.A.”, that later became “TRACOSA ADUANAS S.A.”.

Back at that time, the roles of customs agent and freight forwarder were more demarcated and differentiated.  Tracosa was created exclusively as a customs agent and, moreover, started its business activities specialising in customs clearance for freight forwarders, some of which, today, are still customers of ours.

Tracosa, 50 Years of service

Spain’s entry into the European Union 

In the year 1993, the entry of Spain within the European Union caused a drastic readjustment of our sector, with a drop of more than 70% of the customs activities by reason that customs declarations were no longer necessary for the majority of Europe.

From then, Tracosa began a process of transformation and evolution that was fully consolidated in the year 2000, at which time a renewal of the management of the company took place, as well as changes to the shareholders of the company, and thereafter Tracosa set course for the new millennium with an ambitious Strategic Plan to position the company as a leading freight forwarder and customs representative within the sector.

Tracosa, 50 years

From Tracosa to the Tracosa Group

Being accustomed to going through turbulent times and being faced with difficult and complicated challenges and having to strive to overcome different situations, right in the midst of the Covid epidemic, we created the TRACOSA GROUP, with the incorporation of our sister company “Bas Josa S.A.”, that provides over one hundred years of experience and a broad team of professionals by which the group will continue to grow.

Hence, we have reached the year 2021 with a clear leadership position within the sector companies, with an average annual growth of more than 15% over the past 20 years, and some years with annual growth of over 50%, with a new Strategic Plan to become one of the 25 leading freight forwarder companies in Spain.

From Tracosa to the Tracosa Group

On our 50th birthday, we’re in the best shape ever, and we also have more resources, more experience, more vision and also more determination to keep growing in the future.

And we do all of the above FULFILLING expectations

If I had to define it somehow, I would say that we CONTINUE FULFILLING  expectations. We turn 50 next year because we have been fulfilling expectations from day one.

Fulfilling expectations with our suppliers: shipping companies, airline companies, freight carriers, warehouses, insurance companies and many others, which are often not given the recognition they deserve however they constitute key elements for any business project.

50 years of Tracosa

Fulfilling expectations with the tax, labour and company authorities, however in particular with the CUSTOMS authorities, before which we represent our customers for fair and satisfactory treatment at the least cost legally possible. Their trust and support over past years has been crucial for our success.

Fulfilling the needs of our staff, that, more than employees, we should call partners and family. Without the implication and personal dedication of each one of our staff, without the passion and enthusiasm that they transmit, this project would not be the same, we would never have got to where we are.

Tracosa will be turning fifty

Fulfilling expectations with society, from our commitment to the environment, the provision of aid for cultural projects, associations or charities, giving back to society part of what we receive from it.

Fulfilling the expectations of the people that have most trusted in us: Our customers

And finally fulfilling the demands of our customers, who have enabled and motivated us to get to where we are today and to keep dreaming. Thank you for letting us work so closely with you, for being able to learn from you and to grow together with each and every one of your challenges and projects.

For all of you, we will keep FULFILLING expectations.

Thanks for letting us get to where we are today.

Kind regards,

Pepe Moreno. 


Tracosa, 50 years